Scholastic & Co-scholastic Applications


The school follows CBSE curriculum and its guidelines are planning and implementing with its fuller sincerity. CCE (Continuous and comprehensive evaluation) gives you a total scholastic and co-scholastic performance report of your child by the use scientifically designed assessment softwares.

Remedial Classes

Regular remedial classes are the step of TCIS Solutions as to making an inclusive learning atmosphere. it helps reaching out the knowledge transmission even to the students who takes much time to take things in.

Deeni Talim (Value Education)

A separate, well organized Islamic Madrassa system is followed in Tarbiya Cambridge International School. Holy Quran, Hadeeths, Islamic History and other Islamic Studies are taught in each class according to a well prepared syllabus. High importance is given for Qiraath & Hifzul Quran.
Along with the text book learning, our madrasa focuses on the cultural formation and holistic development of the students. The Madrassa handbook has a significant role in this mission. Hence parents are requested to maintain and monitor this handbook throughout the year.

Talent exams

Besides an ace performer in school, the students are exposed to math & science talent exams held in national level. It is another aspect tailored according to the vision.