The School has got art of facilities from Smart Classroom to full fledged transport facilities.

All classes are furnished with technology enabled smart boards, wide panel display systems, computers and LCD interactive projectors. The smart classrooms serve an answer to many issues as it:

  • Improves teachers effectiveness, productivity.
  • Provides an joyful ambience.
  • Helps turn abstract ideas into simple and concrete

The TCIS INFOCENTRE is well stocked with books of categories with a student to book of 1:5. Large numbers of journals, magazines and newspapers are available in different languages in its reading room to inculcate in them the reading habits .Students and teachers are provided with computer to use internet in library.

it differs from normally seen computer room/ AV rooms for it emphasizes over their creative works to be shown and not just exam-oriented learning. For TCIS, theory remains puny before creativity. The Hub is designed in advanced way as to fully equipped with sufficient number of computers, internet facility, which will help children come out of the shell and broaden their knowledge kit.

It can be a solvent combination of customary English grammar subjects and disconnected AV classes in schools. Grammar is proven here as to tailoring it to the practical usage. Adding to that, communication is taught with phonetics in focus and assessed through performance tracking software. With the launch of LANGUAGE LAB TCIS keep its step in global competition. It trains the student in language skills, soft skills, interpersonal skills, business communication. The main objective is to develop students’ communication skills and fine tune them for campus placement or recruitment.

Hostel facilities is provided for boys (from 1st std. onwards) and girls in separate campus. Healthy food and dormitory type accommodation are provided with extra coaching facilities. Parents who want boarding facility for their wards may contact our school office for necessary procedures.

TCIS is providing weekly martial arts (Kungfu) training where the students can learn how to defend themselves in extreme situation and can make their body and mind healthy/disciplined. They build up their confidence, self esteem, determination, goal setting, nation building, loyalty dedication and teamwork. Students are exposed to all major sports and athletics under trained professionals in the campus.

Teachers will make sure that the children will have as many firsthand experiences as possible.
In the course of the academic year you may expect your child’s class to go on educational trips and excursions.
The school will significantly subsidise these visits, but it is expected that parents will also contribute to these trips. Parents may be asked by the class teacher if they would like to join these trips in a supervisory capacity.

Hobby club is an exclusively students hang outs with a particular agenda like Tongue twister, spell bee competitions, poetry out-loud, Debates over the current affairs, literary performances and etc. beyond leisure the club plays cardinal role in overall linguistic, emotional and socio-cultural development of every child.

The campus is honored with the frequent visits of international figures. Interaction session we conduct with children expands their exposure and boosts up their confidence level.

School car has been arranged for the travel of the day scholars. Parents, who want to avail school transport for their wards, may contact the school office.

Our pupils elect from amidst themselves our active student council. The student council organizes a number of events during the year and often functions as catalyst between the staff and pupils.

RFID based smart card student attendance system with sms alerts to parents. Online digital school attendance tracking with automatic In/Out SMS. Completely wireless system. Student shows Id cum smart card on “Show and Go” RFID device, identity tracked and sent to cloud server that process the data and sends instant SMS to parents’ mobile numbers, reports attendance.