Tarbiyah celebrated 73rd Independence day


Tarbiyah celebrated 73rd Independence day with all spirits. The day was colored by our kids' parade and programs conceptualising the Tagore's 'fearless freedom' and celebrating diversity.Dr. Abhijit Choudary, Rashtrapathi Award laureate, was the chief guest of the day.Had a wonderful day, energised to be hopeful enough to preserve our country in it's spirit further on.

Tarbiyah celebrated 73rd Independence day2019-08-22T13:29:00+05:30

Tarbiyah conducts ‘ My Mom’s day’ with fullest spirit.


'My Mom's Day ' ends by lending pretty much touchy learning for learners. Maternal values in praxis sent all audience speechless. it really turns a tribute from kids to render for the most obliged human being in worlds.

Tarbiyah conducts ‘ My Mom’s day’ with fullest spirit.2019-07-08T00:55:19+05:30

Lets Go Green!


Lets Go Green! The day kicks off 'Tarbiyah Eco club' by expanding its entrance garden. It literally boosts their morale and enhances their affinity with surroundings. Horticulture, sericulture and much more to come under the club. 'Best gardener House' award in the go following the much celebrated 'Harvest day' of the session. BE WITH THEM, THEY'LL GROW

Lets Go Green!2019-07-08T12:55:15+05:30
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